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Grilled Mahi-Mahi

Grilled Mahi-Mahi


(2 lbs.) mahi-mahi fillets


large tomatoes or 1 pint cherry tomatoes

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  • 1

    Season fish fillets with garlic, salt, and pepper.

  • 2

    Add the lemon juice and marinate it for 1 hour.

  • 3

    Clean the grill, add a bit of oil with a paper towel or use some cooking spray.

  • 4

    Heat the grill to high heat and cook the fillets for about 5 to 10 minutes on each side. The time will depend on the thickness of the fish. I recommend not using any fillets that are too thin. If you prefer, you can grill the fish on aluminum foil or in a special fish-grilling basket.

  • 5

    Serve in individual plates with a salad made of lettuce, tomato, mango, cucumber, and onion.

Expert Tips

  • If you want, you may substitute fish with scallops or another type of seafood.

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More About This Recipe

  • When it comes to cooking fish, the options are endless. You can make fish in the oven, in a skillet, fried, or grilled. No matter how you make it, fish cooks quickly and you can even serve it raw in ceviche. All you need is fresh fish, and then marinate it to your liking.When making it on the grill, you should choose a firm-fleshed fish such as mahi-mahi, tuna, salmon or turbot, so it doesn't fall apart as it cooks. If the skin is left on, it will be easier to cook, but if it's not, don't worry, you can still enjoy a wonderfully grilled fish.I usually pair my fish with a salad, or with some crunchy fried plantains.

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