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Peasant potatoes with sausages and pickles

Peasant potatoes with sausages and pickles

Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into thick slices. If they are too large, cut them in half. 1 cup warm water or soup juice. Then put the tray in the oven and leave for 15 minutes, remove and add the thinly sliced ​​kaizer and tomato paste. Put it back in the oven and let it brown well. at the end add green parsley on top.

The sausages are kept for half an hour in dark beer and pricked with a fork from place to place. Then they are fried on the stove. Then they are wrapped with green leek thread and served with peasant potatoes and pickles.

Peasant sausages with potatoes

Peasant sausages with potatoes from: pork, bacon, salt, potatoes, pepper, paprika, thyme, garlic.


  • 1 kg of pork
  • 300 g bacon
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 300 g boiled potatoes
  • pepper
  • hot Chilli
  • thyme
  • garlic

Method of preparation:

Pass the meat through the machine, knead with the salt and the rest of the ingredients, leave to cool for 24 hours. The next day add the diced bacon, the grated boiled potatoes and a little hot paprika.

Knead well, fill the thin mats that you have cut into 1 m pieces. Smoke them for 2-3 days and eat them grilled or fried in a fat-free pan.

Homemade sausages, not without holidays

Fresh sausages for frying


Method of preparation: the beef is passed twice through the mincer, and the pork is passed only once. To 1 kg of minced meat add 20 g of salt, a little pepper, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, mix everything very well and add warm water. Then clean the mats in which you are going to put the meat. It does not have to be very crowded on the mat. The sausages are kept cold until fried. The tastiest option is to fry in lard, but they also come out very tasty in oil, either on the stove or in the oven. Along with a puree and a sauerkraut salad, they will remind you why you love to be Romanian.

Dried and smoked sausages


- 2 g silitra (for preservation)

Method of preparation: peel the beef and skins, wash it and then pass it twice through the mincer, just like in the previous recipe. The pork one is passed only once. To the minced meat add the spices and silitra, mix and then add a little warm water (50-60 ml per 1 kg of meat). Fill the cleaned mats with meat, without stuffing it too much, then tie it at the ends with string and hang them on a thicker stick, to drizzle. To smoke, it is smoked in hot smoke for a few days. In terms of storage, the best option is a dark and cool room, but airy.

Peasant sausages


Method of preparation: pass the pork through the mincer, adding to each kilogram of meat 25 g of salt, garlic and pepper to taste. The meat must then be left for 24 hours at a temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius. Then add the bacon without mice, cut very finely with a knife. You are going to put the boiled potatoes and put them on the grater, in order to give a delicious consistency to the homemade sausages. Fill the cleaned mats with this mix and hang the sausages somewhere to dry. After 2 days on dry land, they can be smoked for another 2-3 days.

Isn't it that now you have a crazy appetite dand homemade sausages? Choose one of the recipes above and you won't have to put your appetite in it!

Birthday menu

SNACK: Sibiu salami, smoked fillets, ham roll with raw salad, meatballs, cheese, olives, tomato stuffed with eggplant salad, peppers with cheese paste, cucumber
BASIC TYPE: Mix grill (pork, chicken, small, spicy sausages) or Grilled pork neck and grilled chicken leg
GARNISH: Peasant potatoes or Rosemary potatoes
SALAD: White cabbage or assorted pickles
Price: 119.80 lei / pers.

SNACK: Naples salami, gypsy muscles, pork pastrami, stuffed egg, cow's milk, assorted olives, turkey asparagus, mozzarella skewers with cherry tomatoes, homemade pate, cucumber
BASIC TYPE: Roast pork and chicken
GARNISH: Basmati rice with vegetables or Boulanger Potatoes
SALAD: White or assorted summer cabbage
Price: 129.50 lei / pers.

SNACK: Chicken roll with cheese and spinach, Prague ham cream with bell pepper, Carp caviar with lemon, Black olive cream, Ricotta cheese cream with grapes, Smoked salmon roll, Tuna mousse with onion rings, Meatballs pork, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers
BASIC TYPE: Breaded pork tenderloin, stuffed chicken breast, spicy sausages
TRIM: Risotto with mushrooms or bouquet of vegetables
SALAD: White cabbage or lettuce
Price: 149.90 lei / pers.

Optionally, you can add:
SARMALE in cabbage leaves, Mamaliguta, Hot peppers - 34.90
SARMALUTE in beef leaves, sour cream, hot peppers - 37.50
Trout with grilled vegetables and lemon - 39.90
Grilled salmon with potatoes and baby carrot - 39.90
FILE SALAU au gratin with Boulanger potatoes - 39.90

APPETIZER MIX: Hazelnuts, Pretzels, Grisine
COLD SNACK: Pork pastrami, salami, smoked bacon, cheese, assorted olives, mutton, turkey pastrami, Prague ham, bellows cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions
HOT SNACK: Bacon livers, spicy sausages, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, chicken croquettes, breaded hammers, small, rosemary potatoes, pickles
Price: 129.90 lei / pers

APPETIZER MIX: Hazelnuts, Pretzels, Grisine
COLD SNACK: Meatballs with fresh cucumbers, Smoked salmon with orange, Ricotta cream with grapes, Bruschettas with tomatoes and basil, Bruschettas with anchovies, Ham cream, Mozzarella skewers with cherry tomatoes, Homemade pate with biscuits and jam, Roll cheese and kaizer, puff pastry mousse, assorted olives, salami skewers with marinated zucchini
HOT SNACK: Sausage stew, Spicy wings, Smoked sausages, Grilled julienne neck, Mozzarella croquettes, Crispy strips, Spicy cheese balls, Grilled julienne chicken breast, Bacon liver, Peasant potatoes, Pickles
Price: 149.80 lei / pers
Swedish buffet options can only be served at the chafing dish or platters.
Thank you for understanding!


SNACK: Beaten beans, eggplant salad, vegetable zacusca, pasta salad, zucchini with garlic, olives, tomato
BASIC TYPE: Mushroom stew with vegetable meatballs
COFFEE 1 cup
Price: 64.80 lei / pers.

SOUP: Vegetable soup
SNACK: Oriental seasonal salad
BASIC TYPE: Fasting sarmale with polenta and hot peppers
COFFEE 1 cup
Price: 79.90 lei / pers.

SNACK: Stuffed mushrooms, Baked potato with bean stew, Pasta salad, Cauliflower fasting bread, Bruschettas with tomatoes, Assorted olives, Tofu with cherry tomatoes
BASIC TYPE: Fasting snails with grilled vegetables
COFFEE 1 cup
Price: 79.90 lei / pers.

SNACK: Bruschettas with olive cream, skewers with tofu and cherry tomatoes, Rice meatballs, Stuffed mushrooms, Cucumbers with wooden ears, Fasting Russian salad, Potato and ginger croquettes
BASIC TYPE: Fasting lasagna or vegetable mousse
COFFEE 1 cup
Price: 119.90 lei / pers.

Optionally, you can add:
PUMPKIN fasting bread 150g - 15.00
Vegetable CREAM 300g - 18.00
FILLED PEPPERS for fasting 3 pcs - 28.50
Vegetarian PIZZA - 30
EGGPLANT in Chinese sauce 100 / 100g - 26.90

The management of the unit together with the chef are at your disposal for any suggestion regarding the menu you want!

Helium balloons - 50 pcs. - 360
- 100 pcs. - 700
- 150 pcs. - 900

Chocolate fountain with assorted fruits - 15 lei / pers.
D.J. (light games, professional sound, smoke) - negotiable depending on the event

FREE OF CHARGE! Floral arrangement, fruit and silver candlesticks, on the menu with drinks.
Alcoholic beverages customer access, permit against the fee of 10 lei / pers. for an assortment.

What else am I cooking?

Whenever I hear of mashed potatoes, I think of my mother. She really likes this type of potato dish, which she calls "steamed potatoes". I don't kill myself, I like french fries. But what do you do when two people in the family want potatoes and the other two don't? My son has the same tastes as me, but my daughter looks like his more carnivorous father. They don't like french fries at all - which is incomprehensible to the rest of us.
When the children were little, they exchanged potatoes and meat at the table - without me knowing - so that everyone could eat what they liked best. When I was making potatoes, however, having no other garnish, I had to make more steamed potatoes, which the two carnivores ate - voluntarily, out of necessity - possibly with garlic sauce!
Steamed potatoes and stewed potatoes are two different dishes, although they seem to be the same thing. But both are done quickly, only good on days when I don't have time to cook. My mother usually makes a steamed potato and she doesn't eat it either. But that's how she was, she was still licking the food! For us, the others - the eaters! - I have to make at least 4 potatoes at a time.
When they make steamed potatoes, cut the potatoes into 4 cleaned and washed well and put them in a pan with a tablespoon or two of oil. Cover with the lid and let them brown over a good heat for about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally so that they do not stick. Then sprinkle a little salt and pour a little water to cover the potatoes. I cover them with the lid and let them boil over high heat, so that they boil quickly, but also the water evaporates, without softening the potatoes too badly. When the water has evaporated, I try them with a fork. If they are still strong, add a little more water and continue boiling. I'm ready in a maximum of 10 minutes, but I can't leave them, so they don't burn.
The mashed potatoes are made in much the same way, but without water, which makes them look a bit like french fries, especially if I let them brown better. I saw the recipe on the show "La prova del cuoco" on RaiUno - where I "stole" a few other recipes - and I immediately adopted it.
Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into small cubes.

Put in a covered pan, with 2-3 tablespoons of oil, on high heat, low.

Sprinkle a little salt over the potatoes. I can't leave them until I'm ready, because they have to come back, almost every minute.

I'm ready in about 10 minutes, soft and slightly browned.

It is very suitable for preparing peasant potatoes: I just put a finely chopped onion from the beginning, when I put the potatoes in the pan and let it simmer there with the potatoes.

When the onion is browned, stick to the potatoes, which look very appetizing.

Add a few cloves of crushed garlic at the end, before turning off the heat and mix well.

In summer, I serve them with water lily-shaped tomato decoration and sprinkle dill on top.

I serve any of these types of potatoes with a tomato salad or pickles, depending on the season.
Good appetite for potatoes!

The first steps in the kitchen

Now that we have established what we need to get to work! The sausages, as you can see, I cut slices of about 2-3 cm, I chopped the onion finely, and the potatoes are quartered, they go and cubes as you want.
In the pan in which we are going to prepare the food, we put a little oil and harden the onion. When it starts to take on color, we add the sausages. Let it fry a little and then we put the potatoes. In the meantime, mix the broth with water or soup (hot) and pour over the potatoes, just enough to cover them, no more and no less!

Cover everything with a lid and let it boil slowly over low heat, stirring from time to time, until the sauce starts to drop. At the end, season with salt and pepper, add the greens and you're done!
We ate pickles and we loved it! A simple, filling, tasty and easy to make food :)

PS: on fasting days, I take the sausages out of the calculation and get an equally good preparation.